Lot and Land Clearing

Lot clearing is the process of removing trees, stumps, boulders, and bushes from a plot of land for the purposes of development. There are many reasons why you may need to clear land, including to build a home or many homes, to put up an apartment or condo, to build a new complex, mall, or store, or to make room to grow crops on a farm.

And while it may seem much easier to clear a lot than it does to build on the land, lot clearing is a difficult and labor-intensive process that requires lots of hands, tools, and specialized equipment.

Other Reasons to Use a Land Clearing Company

    Aside from doing a full lot clearing, a land clearing company can be beneficial for partial clearing as well. For instance, imagine you had a plot of land that was fully treed, and you wanted to build paths and trails for hiking, skiing, biking, or other recreational activities. A land clearing company is ideal because they can get in with the right equipment, remove only the trees necessary, and leave cleared and manicured trails behind. Other reasons to use a land clearing company include:

    • Cleanup after a damaging storm
    • Clearing a pasture for animals
    • Thinning forests that are too thick
    • Clearing roadways and driveways
    • Expanding open space on a property
    • Creating a better view

    Benefits of a Lot Clearing Service

    There are many reasons to use a land clearing company next time you need to remove multiple trees from a property, even if you don’t need a full land clearing. A lot clearing service with the right people and the right equipment can get any job, large or small, done quickly and safely, and this will save you time, money, and back-breaking work. Whether you need an entire lot cleared for a new building, or if you just want a few trails built through your existing property, a lot clearing service will get the job done right.

    lot clearing equipment used for removing trees

    Machinery Required for Lot Clearing

    The only efficient way to clear land is with heavy equipment that’s designed specifically to take down trees, bundle and move logs, remove stumps, and clear away the organic debris. This includes large equipment like a feller buncher that cuts, gathers, and fells trees, a skidder to transport logs, a forestry tiller that can grind roots and stumps, and a mulcher that can turn leftover organic matter into mulch.

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