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Tree trimming isn’t just something you have to do to your pine tree at Christmas, and it’s certainly not something that you just do to make your shrubs and trees look perfect. In fact, tree trimming is integral to the health and growth of your trees, and improper pruning can lead to damage, disease, and infestation.

Using a tree trimming service is a great way to ensure that your trees are being cared for properly and that your plants are being pruned in a way that will promote growth and good health for years to come.

Trimming for Growth and Overall Health

Pruning trees is a maintenance technique that, when done properly, bestows many benefits on young, established, and old trees alike. A proper tree trimming service will help improve the health and vitality of a tree, remove dead and dying limbs, promote new growth, and make the tree look more manicured and cared for. Moreover, removing excess foliage will provide the tree with more air and sunlight, both of which trees need for proper growth and good health.

How Do You Know if Your Trees Need to Be Pruned?

Many signs indicate your trees may need help from a tree pruning service, and they include diseased branches or limbs, signs of rot or decay, and wounds, breaks, splits, or cracks. Or, if your tree is starting to overhang your property, is growing out over a sidewalk or fence, is infringing on a neighboring property, or is coming too close to power lines, you could use the expertise of a tree trimming service. And if you’ve had to take out old trees and want to revamp your lawn or garden, you can also trust a certified arborist for quick and efficient stump removal.

Avoid Trimming That Could Harm Your Trees

While proper pruning will promote the health of a tree, improper trimming can actually lead to more problems. For instance, removing too much of a tree through pruning can shorten the tree’s lifespan, and improper cuts can leave the tree vulnerable to disease and infestation. Not only that, but a tree that hasn’t been pruned properly can also look lopsided, bare, and unhealthy. A trained arborist will know exactly how and when to prune trees of all species to achieve the optimal results and will prune using proper techniques that will leave the tree healthier.

However, if you have a tree that’s damaged beyond repair, is weak, or has an infestation that cannot be addressed, many arborists also offer tree removal services that will take care of dead, dying, diseased, or damaged trees.

A professional tree trimming service can perform tree removal services when necessary, can do a stump removal afterward, and can also set you up with an annual tree pruning service schedule that will keep your trees healthy and manicured throughout their long lives. Pruning can be hugely beneficial for trees, but only if it’s done properly, using the right techniques and equipment, and by someone who’s knowledgeable and experienced with tree care and maintenance.

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