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Plants and trees are hearty, strong, and can sometimes even withstand damaging winds, droughts, and cold and inclement winters. But without proper care, trees won’t have the strength and resources to stand a chance against the elements, which is why proper plant health care is so important. And when it comes to keeping your plants in the best health possible, there’s no better choice than an experienced and professional plant health care specialist.

Determining Proper Watering Schedules

There aren’t many things that a plant needs to survive, but water is one of the things that a tree simply cannot live without. Unfortunately, rain can’t always be relied upon to provide plants with all the water they need, and coming up with a watering schedule that takes into account the needs of many different species can be difficult.

This is especially true if you aren’t aware of all the plant types that make up your garden, or if your plants and trees are all at different life stages. But a plant health care specialist can assess your garden, determine what kinds of plants you have, and create a watering schedule that will benefit all your plants equally.

Encouraging Growth

There are a few ways that you can encourage growth, flowering, and fruit production in your plants and two of the most important are with fertilizers and pruning. And a plant health care company with trained arborists will know exactly what your trees need to achieve optimal growth.

Fertilizer: Not just any fertilizer will do for your plants, especially if you’re growing multiple species, have plants of different ages, and want different things from your plants. For instance, you wouldn’t use the same type of fertilizer for a flowering plant as you would for a plant that produces fruit, and you’d use a completely different fertilizer again if you wanted to promote growth. A plant health care specialist will be able to determine the type of soil you’re working with, figure out the nutrients your plants require and determine the best fertilizers for all your plants based on these different factors.

Trimming: Pruning provides many benefits to trees, including that it removes diseased and damaged branches and limbs, and this means the tree will redirect its energy to parts of the plant that can use it. Moreover, pruning leaves gives the tree access to more sunlight and air, providing it with more nutrients and promoting growth.

Eliminating Pests and Treating Disease

Part of being able to diagnose and treat plants for different diseases and insect infestations is knowing what species are susceptible to what problems. A plant health care company with knowledgeable arborists will know what to look for in different species, will be able to identify diseases and infestations, and will know how to treat problems to get the tree back to a state of good health.

Furthermore, they’ll also know what steps to take to protect other trees in the area from contracting the same disease or becoming infested with the same pests. A knowledgeable plant health care company will be able to identify and map the trees and plants on your property and will know how to best care for each species.

Different plants thrive under different circumstances, and a trained plant health care specialist will know how to encourage growth, care for your garden, maintain the health of all the trees and plants on your property, and guide you in the right direction when it comes to managing your own plants. And with the right plant health care strategy in place, you’ll get years of growth, shade, fruit, and flowers from all the trees in your garden.

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